154 Forties

154 Forties

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The first publication of the complete series of Jackson Mac Lowa€™s a€œFortiesa€ poems. Written and revised from 1990 to 2001 with a method Mac Low called a€œgathering, a€ where he took into the poems words, phrases, and other kinds of word strings, and sometimes sentences, that he saw, heard, or thought of while writing the drafts, the poems include detailed markings of caesural spacing, timing, compound words (many neologistic), and metrical stress. Each of the poems adhere to what Mac Low termed a€œfuzzy verse forma€: 8 stanzas, each comprising 5 lines (hence qfortiesq): 3 moderately long lines, followed by a very long line, and then a short line.Jackson Mac Low. ILLITERACY MANSION Illiteracy tradition of heroism nAiscent- shaming taskmaster pop music newly technical start possibility showing incontinent vowels of ex mAichina novels summation Balzac musical sensings exposeanbsp;...

Title:154 Forties
Author:Jackson Mac Low
Publisher:Counterpath - 2012


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