50 Urgent Things You Need to Do Before the Millennium

50 Urgent Things You Need to Do Before the Millennium

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ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE BIGGEST CRISIS EVER TO THREATEN MODERN CIVILIZATION? The Y2K computer crisis, the inability of computers to recognize the two-digit year q00q, is about to affect every aspect of our lives. This may well be how the new millennium starts: -- There's no electricity, water, or telephone service -- You can't refill your prescription -- your pharmacy is unable to access your health plan's records -- You won't receive a Social Security or VA check for months -- the government is in complete chaos -- All ATMs are down -- no bank transactions are possible and there's a shortage of currency -- Airplanes can't fly, traffic lights don't work, and cars with computer systems can't be operated -- Your balances at your bank or investment company, your credit card records, your insurance policy, and any contracts you hold are in dire jeopardy ...and that's just the tip of the iceberg! But you can protect yourself, your family, and your assets...and even take financial advantage of this once-in-a-millennium event. From protecting your finances and your credit to properly stocking your pantry and medicine cabinet, to making copies of important documents, discover step by step the...My expensive camcorder, purchased in 1996, doesna#39;t understand 2000. Ia#39;ve got twentyor thirty ... be affectedby Y2Kornot. That includes my 1992 Ford Taurus, three utility meters (electric, gas, and ... By multiplying my possible problemsa€” and thereare yet thoseIcana#39;t possibly discerna€”by most homes intheU.S. and millions ofanbsp;...

Title:50 Urgent Things You Need to Do Before the Millennium
Author:William D. McGuire
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-06-27


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