7001 Resumes Plus

7001 Resumes Plus

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In this second chronicle about Deborah, she faces an enemy whose sole purpose is to kill every human being in the universe. The location of the enemy's home planets is unknown. This enemy has unlimited ships and no concern about the high losses to their personnel. The initial evaluation is that the enemy may not even be human. They are given the name, Grays. A creature like the Grays seems rather harmless compared to what fiction shows you. The Grays went unchallenged only because they looked so weak and fragile. No one saw them as a serious threat. I can only think of the army ants on the march. No one takes an ant seriously; however, an army of ants will devastate an area and kill every living creature. The Grays are the same type of threat to mankind. As the Grays are building up their fleets and personnel, Deborah desperately searches the known universe for additional personnel; in this search she even goes to primitive nations. The United States strips its military forces to provide as many personnel as possible. Despite this effort, there are still not enough personnel. Deborah's scientists are working around the clock to not only upgrade her weapons, but also provide her with new types of weapons. Ramah and the United States are making a maximum effort to prepare for the upcoming battle with the Grays. In this battle either the humans or the Grays will become extinct.The Job Search Tool to Get You that Job Ferris E. Merhish. Note: As you can see clearly that this applicants resume is applying for a specific position which is backed up by experience and knowledge in the air-conditioning maintenance area.

Title:7001 Resumes Plus
Author:Ferris E. Merhish
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010


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