A Breed Apart

A Breed Apart

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In this a€œenergetica€ (Publishers Weekly) memoir, Victor Woods vividly recounts a trouble-filled and misunderstood coming-of-age in the suburbs of Chicago, the rollercoaster ride that led him to captain a multi-million dollar counterfeit scheme, and his life-changing stint in federal prison. In 1990, Victor Woods was charged by the US federal government with organizing a credit card scam worth more than forty million dollars. He refused to implicate his family and friends for a reduced sentence. His lawyer at the time remarked that he was a€œa breed apart.a€ In his authentic, matter-of-fact style, Woods shares the details of his evolution from a rebellious teen to a white-collar criminal and what inspired him to turn his life around while locked away as a federal inmate. Woodsa€™s misdeeds and missteps remind us that sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. His remarkable turnaround shows us that no matter our past we can always make good on a second chance.Since a metallic strip can be easily demagnetized and the information canceled out by touching another credit card in your wallet or purse, the machine in stores is equipped with a manual terminal. A salesclerk can punch in the information.

Title:A Breed Apart
Author:Victor Woods
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2007-11-01


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