A Children's Travel Guide to France.

A Children's Travel Guide to France.

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This is a guide for parents travelling to France with their children. We have been visiting France all our lives and now live there for part of the year. We have spent all our holidays with our children travelling throughout France from ski resorts and beaches to small inland hill towns. This is a guide showing you how to enjoy it all in the company of your children. The book is designed for adults to use when planning a trip bearing in mind you will have children with you. There are sections for children to read; stories and legends of France, car activities, activities for before, during and after the holiday, and some history of France. There are also sections on French speaking and famous French people. We look at; Where to go? Tips and ideas; Speaking Frencha€b Some French is essential as the French do not generally speak English. We have included some French songs and games for children, which they can learn easily plus a bit of basic vocabulary. What to eat, with suggestions of what not to miss for children. You will find that this is one of the best parts of holidaying in France. What to do; Sports and other activities; What not to miss, Lists of Theme Parks and World Heritage sites. Where to stay and Secret places worth a visit; France is one of the largest countries in Western Europe and one of the major tourist attractions. Many people just visit Paris but there are plenty of good places nearby to see. France is famous worldwide for many things such as Chateaux or castles; Cheese, such as Brie and Camembert; Wines such as Bordeaux; Perfume such as Chanel and Dior; Fashion such as Givenchy and LaCroix; This guide will help you and your children plan your trip and find your favourite things! Use it in two ways, firstly by reading everything at your preparation stage and secondly when you are in France and need specific details from a particular section of the book. Because of this feature it is necessary to mention some things more than once. For example we need to mention theme parks under what not to miss and also under theme parks themselves. Thata€™s because they are important to children! Table of Contents Introduction; Chapter 1 How to get to France and where to stay; Chapter 2 Touring France; Driving words Where is the car from? Chapter 3 Top childrena€™s sights; Chapter 4 Regions of France Chapter 5 Activities for children; Chapter 6 French language for children Chapter 7 Health, Food and Drink; Chapter 8 Theme parks; Chapter 9 Paris; Chapter 10 Two Centre holiday ideas; Chapter 11 Sport; Chapter 12 History of France; Chapter 13 World Heritage Sites in France. Chapter 14 Famous French people; Chapter 15 French Fairy Tales; Conclusion;Chapter 5 Activities for children; As we all know a lot of fun is in the preparation needed before you even go on holiday. ... Write France at the top of each page and using the information found in this book add some facts and a picture or photo to ... You can buy great plastic wallet booklets for this in French supermarkets. ... Use the scrapbook to stick the things they have seen and where they have been.

Title:A Children's Travel Guide to France.
Author:Sarah Giles
Publisher:Yellow Dot Publishing -


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