A Christian Approach to Overcoming Disability

A Christian Approach to Overcoming Disability

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Learn how faith and psychological insight can combine to help Christians overcome physical disabilities! After being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, Dr. Elaine Leong Eng, author of a€œMartha, Marthaa€: How Christians Worry, knew she had to make important life changes. This genetic disease would soon cause her eyesight to fail. Her impending blindness meant that she would no longer be able to practice as an obstetrician/gynecologist. Her family life would never be the same, nor would her self-image. A Christian Approach to Overcoming Disability: A Doctor's Story is the poignant and inspiring story of Dr. Enga€™s ultimately triumphant struggle with an untreatable illness and a life-changing disability. Once I heard the diagnosis, I knew it was Goda€™s way of granting my prayer to be a full-time mom to my babies. God had prepared my heart to accept this news. This so-called a€œtragedya€ in my life was very much for the good. I had the chance to a€œseea€ and care for my children during those precious young years. To play with them, sing songs, teach them, feed them, and do all those wonderful mothering things that many take for granted. And now that they are grown, I can see in my minda€™s eye all those great images and memories. I enjoyed motherhood so much that I would not have changed my life in any way if given the chance. This autobiographical book articulates the challenges faced by the blind and offers faith-based and psychological techniques for coping with disability. It highlights dozens of Scriptural passages that can provide an important foundation for coping, and draws upon Dr. Enga€™s experience as a psychiatrist to identify important issues and feelings about blindness and its psychological and emotional impact on every aspect of life. In this insightful book, youa€™ll find: firsthand information about the experience of becoming disabled, and about living with, even celebrating, that disability and the new opportunities it presents insight about what family, friends, students, and colleagues go through when someone close to them becomes disabled biblical references that demonstrate the importance of God in meeting physical challenges important scriptural foundations for coping practical techniques for coping with disabilitya€”from both religious and psychological perspectives advice on overcoming the feeling of being a€œdamaged goodsa€ and other problems of self-esteem common to the disabled A Christian Approach to Overcoming Disability will inspire you with its message of hope. It offers insights about finding inner peace no matter what hand life has dealt you and making the most of whatever God has planned for your life. Anyone who knows a Christian who has any type of physical disability will benefit from reading this book.A lot of advice was given about consumer reports and which car had the best rating for performance, looks, reliability, and so on. The men ... Our friends kept insisting that best cars were the Honda Accord, Toyota Avalon, or Nissan Maxima .

Title:A Christian Approach to Overcoming Disability
Author:Elaine Leong Eng
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-11-12


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