A Daughter’s Duty

A Daughter’s Duty

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Belinda Star is a highly decorated veteran of the United States Army. Her military background has created a woman adept in the art of battle, but even her specialized training and battlefield experiences could not prepare her to deal with the crimes committed by her own family. Crimes that not only were committed against the American public, but also against Belinda herself. In the midst of familial tension, Belinda must travel from Germany, where she lives with her active duty husband, back to the United States--back to a place and a family she left long ago. She knows that her mother has, once again, found herself in trouble with the law, but it is not until Belinda arrives that she realizes the extent of her mother's crimes and the secrets she has concealed. Despite the poor treatment Belinda has endured throughout her life at the hands of her own family, she finds herself alone in her efforts to save them from the debt they have created and the legal infractions they have committed. Violence. Alcoholism. Theft. Impersonation. The list of problems within Belinda's family is long, yet she remains steadfast in her commitment to them. Even when Belinda is the only family member who has surfaced to help, her family continues their lies and betrayal, causing Belinda to question her own pledges of allegiance to them time and time again. Belinda must remain the stoic and steadfast soldier she has always been to pull back the layers and layers of deceit and mystery her family has created over several decades. As Belinda uncovers the family secrets her mother will do anything to conceal, she begins to discover even more about her heritage and, consequently, even more about herself. Through her diligence and skill, Belinda not only finds a way to right the wrongs her family has committed, but she also learns a great deal about the true meaning of a daughter's duty.Mom said, a€œHea#39;s going to meet you at the jail so both of you visit with me at the same time tomorrow. This will be ... I still have a little ways to go on your credit card debt, and Ia#39;ve only got a little bit paid on your credit card fraud with Uncle Frank.

Title:A Daughter’s Duty
Author:Linda D. Coker
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-07-08


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