A Dead Rose

A Dead Rose

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ARose! Oh my God, Rosie!@ Sarah cried out in anguish, staring at her friend lying deathly still and wet at the edge of the pool. ANo! She can=t be dead!@ Her name is Rose Newsome, a beautiful twenty-two year old aspiring model. She is discovered by her friends floating face down in the pool of their apartment complex. Was Rose=s death truly an accident? Not according to her friends, who refuse to believe she could succumb to three feet of water. If the police are unable to determine the truth, it will be up to someone else. Private Investigators Tina Wolffe and Brandon Harrison take on the case. Under the hot southern California sun, the PIs go under cover to investigate Rose's death. It seems Rose had become a very lucky woman, only she didn=t know it. In an ironic twist, this good fortune may have also been the cause of her demise. The investigation leads Brandon and Tina through a tangled web of jealous lovers and grieving friends. Uncovering the truth may prove as dangerous as the quaking ground of southern California.As Tina caught up to them, Sarah pointed at a bright red, fairly new Honda Accord, its head light and tail lights flashing, horn blasting, and a siren screaming . aquot;Thata#39;s Rosiea#39;s red Accord, right there.aquot; aquot;Leta#39;s take a look, aquot; Brandon said. Cautiouslyanbsp;...

Title:A Dead Rose
Publisher:PublishAmerica - 2011-02-15


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