A Newer World

A Newer World

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Here is a story that has not previously been adequately told: the story of the developments, trends, and visionary people that are, in many ways, mitigating the climate crisis and turning sustainable development into reality, not just a grand concept. In A Newer World, the environmentalist Bill Hewitt explores the advances in business and finance, politics, design, science, and engineering that are transforming the world around us right now, even as the dire climatic consequences of the industrialization of our economies have become ever more starkly apparent. The received wisdom is that we are on an irrevocable path toward climate catastrophe. The political process, we are told, is broken. Coal-fired power plants in China and India are going to inundate the climate system with CO2 before we can convert to less dangerous ways to generate power. Market mechanisms to control emissions have not, as yet, realized their potential. There is some truth in all of this, but it is not, by any means, the whole story. A Newer World surveys the quantum leaps that are being made in clean technology and tells how governments, industry, and financial institutions are moving faster and more vigorously every day toward embracing these technologies. The challenges are real. A Newer World tells the untold story of the major progress already being made in addressing the looming climate crisis.Politics, Money, Technology, and Whata#39;s Really Being Done to Solve the Climate Crisis William F. Hewitt ... What happens is simple: Coal companies plant explosive charges on the tops of pristine mountains in Kentucky, West Virginia, ... There are many more ways ofaddressing these problems today than there were twenty years ago when the world met in Rio for ... been decelerating, and there is considerable reason to believe that we can reverse our momentum toward catastrophe.

Title:A Newer World
Author:William F. Hewitt
Publisher:UPNE - 2012


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