A Persian Odyssey

A Persian Odyssey

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Every good traveler plans his or her itinerary carefully to use time well and benefit as much as possible from the trip. I did not have an agenda, however. I wanted to travel Middle Eastern style, that is, with no prior planning. It would have been a nuisance to stick to a set timetable in a country that was, except for the language, entirely alien to me. I had decided to spend five weeks in Iran and had certain ideas as to what and whom I wanted to see, but my choices had to be a€œAn la cartea€ a€” one bite at a time. I wanted to feel the pulse of the country by meeting and talking to as many people as possible. I knew that as a man traveling alone in a Moslem country I faced certain limitations. My quest had to be limited to interacting with men, with little exposure to women and their concerns.He had nothing but complaints about everything in Iran. The government was corrupt, and the people were even worse. a€œDona#39;t ... While hiking, I leave all my problems behind. I walk until I get tired, and then find a place to rest, enjoy a cheeseanbsp;...

Title:A Persian Odyssey
Author:Rami Yelda
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-07-18


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