A Phrasebook for Spiritual Emergencies: Essays

A Phrasebook for Spiritual Emergencies: Essays

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When is the last time a phrase went through your head for the umpteenth time before you caught it by the tail ? The phrases that go through our minds drive our lives. These phrases come in moods just like the weather, and often it doesn't occur to us that we make this weather and can change it. There seems to be a consensus that we need to change our consciousness, make a quatum leap, and get ready for the shift. Many people have already stocked up on duct tape and started meditating; there is no shortage of books telling us what to do. Until now however there was no book that gave an actual demonstration of self-help phrases that can be used in a spiritual emergency. Please enjoy this collection of personal essays---qAlice's new work is terrific. She brings gravity and personality to every page, and remains one of the slyest wits out there. The work is concentrated and forceful -- she's on a roll.q -Jonathan Lethem.Sometimes I do feel proud of my battle scars, just like the stretch marks on my belly and thighs that are the price I gladly paid for my daughters. I see myself as ... One of her favorite foods is potato, which was my favorite food during pregnancy.

Title:A Phrasebook for Spiritual Emergencies: Essays
Author:Alice Eckles
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2009-12


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