A Radical Dissonance Theory

A Radical Dissonance Theory

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This text provides an account of dissonance theory and reduction. It studies the evolution of cognitive dissonance theory, providing a review and a new interpretation of Festinger's original theory - the qradical conceptionq. The authors present research arising from this new interpretation, adding to Festinger's theory by emphasizing the importance of the status of behaviour. Their research and evidence is intended to strengthen and clarify Festinger's original and innovative arguments.In contrast, if the second behaviour is not consonant with the first, as is the case when the subjects have to write an essay in favour of smoking, then it will contribute inconsistent cognitions despite the fact that it is in agreement with the subjecta#39;sanbsp;...

Title:A Radical Dissonance Theory
Author:Jean-Léon Beauvois, Robert-Vincent Joule, Robert Joule
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 1996


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