A Self-structuring Patch Antenna

A Self-structuring Patch Antenna

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Results from simulations of the self-structuring patch antenna are presented. A genetic algorithm optimization is employed to efficiently search through the large number of possible switch combinations of the antenna. Both single-frequency operation and multiple-frequency operation are discussed.As the simulation frequency increased, FEKO would divide these sub-patches into smaller and smaller triangles for segmentation purposes. Thirty-two shorting pins were then arranged on the patch as shown in Figure 3.2, where each pin is placed at a corner where four ... Since the shorting pins are a binary system, they provide 2 or 4.3 billion possible states for the antenna. ... The program was run to determine if a state exists with a VSWR less than 1.1 (relative to 50 ohms).

Title:A Self-structuring Patch Antenna
Author:Lynn Marie Greetis
Publisher:ProQuest - 2008


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