A Series of Disappointments

A Series of Disappointments

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Doris Johnson is a middle-aged woman stuck in a gray-cubicle job and an absent-husband marriage. One really bad day propels her on a journey to revisit the decisions she's made in her life. She packs up her cat, Mrs. Palmer, and together they set off to explore the forks-in-the-road not taken. She rekindles a relationship with old friend Tim Woodman, who is in need of love. She seeks out her old flame, Zeke Lyons, who, she discovers, is afflicted with a lack of integrity. Finding her first love, Jack O'Lent, reveals that he has become a brainwashed activist. Along the way, she finds that she herself has mysteriously become the object of a government manhunt. (cover photo - istockphoto.com)I check the VIN and everything is good, no note, no accidents, no outstanding warrants, Ia€Ÿll give you nineteenfive, straight out.a€ Doris looked him in the eye and mentally added fifteen hundred to the Blue Book value she had found on theanbsp;...

Title:A Series of Disappointments
Author:Peggy Knutson
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2010-10-30


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