Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Smith

Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Smith

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One led our country through the Civil War and out of slavery. The other founded a religious movement that is today the nation's fastest-growing Christian denomination. So what could Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Smith possibly have in common? According to Lincoln Leadership Society president Ron Andersen, more than you would think. Besides both being hardworking and hardly educated, Lincoln and Smith also held surprisingly comparable and unpopular views on slavery and the nature of God. But the most striking similarities between the two men are uncovered in historical records in Illinois, where each was living and gaining critical momentum in the 1840s. You'll see new sides to these important historical figures as you discover Smith's stance on the abolition movement or Lincoln's vouch for the Mormon vote. Find out how two young qbackwoodsq boys crossed paths and led parallel lives before each was martyred for his cause in this exhaustively researched dual biography.[return] B. H. Roberts, The Missouri Persecutions (Salt Lake City, UT: Bookcraft, 1965), 225. [return] Governor Lilburn W. ... [return] Church Educational System, Church History in the Fulness of Times Student Manual, 2nd ed. (1989; repr., Salt Lake City, ... ldsces.org/a€‹inst_manuals/a€‹chft/a€‹chft-1620.htm. [return] B. H. Robertsanbsp;...

Title:Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Smith
Author:Ron L. Andersen
Publisher:Cedar Fort -


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