Added Value

Added Value

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This book is based upon the operating system of the company, Added Value, founded by the author, and now one of the world's largest marketing and branding consultancies. Brand growth, top-line demand-led growth is the highest quality growth a business can generate. It requires a kind of marketing alchemy. With the use of the five I's process - Insight, Ideas, Innovation, Impact and Investment Return - and lots of real examples, this alchemy is explained together with the author's thoughts on the stuff that gets in the way of it working. This is a unique approach with proven success.This in itself was news that made it onto the covers of audio and car magazines a€“ a production car with a sound system ... Fashion in focus SonyXPLOD 12 months Sustaining foundation Passion points Figure 4.8 Ford Focus episodic plan Oneanbsp;...

Title:Added Value
Author:Mark Sherrington
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2003-04-08


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