Addicted to Oil

Addicted to Oil

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It has long been acknowledged that in America the car is king. However, Americaa€™s car-orientated and car-dependent lifestyle goes beyond the culture of fast cars and freeways. In Addicted to Oil, Ian Rutledge explores the political, economic and social ramifications of the motorisation of the US economy. He argues that Americaa€™s dependence on the car has created a lifestyle leading to oil needs which have heavily influenced US foreign policy in the modern era. Rutledge traces the origins of Americaa€™s addiction throughout the twentieth century and explains how Americaa€™s relations with the Middle East were developed through its quest for energy security. Americaa€™s motorisation and its consequent demand for oil at predictable market prices was and continues to be an important influence on US policy towards Iraq a€“ especially given the uncertainties relating to what has so far been the securest source of Middle East oil a€“ Saudi Arabia. Ian Rutledge argues that the war in Iraq was neither a war for a€˜freedoma€™ or a€˜democracya€™ nor was it a plot to a€˜steal Iraqa€™s oila€™, but rather an attempt to establish a pliant and dependable oil protectorate in the Middle East which would underwrite the soaring demand from Americaa€™s hyper-motorised consumers. Addicted to Oil is the first book to undertake an in-depth analysis of the motorisation of US society which explicitly links it to Americaa€™s foreign policy adventures, past and present. Addicted to Oil is essential reading for an understanding of Americaa€™s international political priorities and its fraught relations with the Middle East.a#39;Thata#39;s about twice the death rate in big cars such as Dodge Intrepid, Chevrolet Impala, Ford Crown Victoria. ... by quoting Mr Brian Oa#39;Neill, President of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, who says, a#39;We have a small-car problem.

Title:Addicted to Oil
Author:Ian Rutledge
Publisher:I.B.Tauris - 2005-02-25


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