Advanced Dairy Chemistry: Volume 1: Proteins, Parts A&B

Advanced Dairy Chemistry: Volume 1: Proteins, Parts A&B

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Advanced Dairy Chemistry-1. Proteinsaddresses the most commercially important constituents of milk in terms of their roles in nutrition and as functional components in foods. This third edition, which is the work of dairy scientists and other experts from around the world, provides detailed scientific information on all aspects of milk proteins. An extensively revised Table of Contents includes more chapter-level headings to make the material more accessible and highlights a number of key topics, such as methods for resolving and identifying proteins, biologically and physiologically active proteins, molecular genetics and functional milk proteinsAcall of which have assumed increased importance in recent years. All chapters from the second edition have been completely updated and coverage of the biological properties and stability of milk proteins has been enhanced greatly. The book has been expanded from 18 chapters in the second edition to 29 chapters and is divided into two parts: Part A (Chapters 1-11) describes the more basic aspects of milk proteins, while Part B (Chapters 12-29) reviews the more applied aspects. New topics include an overview of the milk protein system, allergenicity of milk proteins, bioactive peptides, genetic engineering of milk proteins, and certain additional chapters on protein-rich dairy products. This authoritative work summarizes current knowledge on milk proteins and suggests areas for future work.Gordon, W.G. (1971) cx-Lactalbumin, in Milk Proteins: Chemistry and Molecular Biology, (H.A. McKenzie ed.) ... Holt, C. and Home, D. (1996) The hairy casein micelle: evolution of the concept and its implications for dairy technology. Neth. Milk Dairy J., 50, 85-1 11. ... Isolation, purification and alteration of some functional groups of major milk proteins: a review. CRC Crit. Rev. Food Sci. Nutr., 37, 663-89.

Title:Advanced Dairy Chemistry: Volume 1: Proteins, Parts A&B
Author:P. F. Fox, P. L. H. McSweeney
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2003


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