Advances in CAD/CAM

Advances in CAD/CAM

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To understand what we know and be aware of what is to be known has become the central focus in the treatment of CAD/CAM issues. It has been some time since we began treating issues arriving from engineering data handling in a low key fashion because of its housekeeping chores and data maintenance aspects representing nonglamorous issues related to automation. Since the advent of CAD/CAM, large numbers of data bases have been generated through standalone CAD systems. And the rate of this automated means of generating data is rapidly increasing; this is possibly the key factor in changing our way of looking at engineering data related problems. As one deeply involved with engineering data handling and CAD/CAM applications, I know that to succeed, we must do our homework: tracking the trends, keeping abreast of new technologies, new applications, new companies and products that are exploding on the scene every day. In today's fast-paced information handling era, just keeping up is a full-time job. That is why ATI has initiated these publications, in order to bring to the users some of the information regarding their experiences in the important fields of CAD/CAM and engineering data handling. This volume contains some of the paper, including revisions, which were presented at the Fifth Automation Technology Conference held in Monterey, California. A series of publications has been initiated through cooperation between ATI and the Kluwer Academic Publishers. The first volume was Advances in Engineering Data Handling-Case Studies.The route the equipment will travel in the building will be reviewed with the vendor customer service engineer and ... User training programs will nave to be established, procedures manuals written and orientation provided to ... 5.2 SERVICE BUREAU INVOLVEMENT Numerous manual drawings and/or records will have to be converted before the EIP ... Mr. Sieck has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from National University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. 1.

Title:Advances in CAD/CAM
Author:P.C.C. Wang
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1984-08-31


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