After the Machines. Episode Five: Refuge

After the Machines. Episode Five: Refuge

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Episode #5. qArtificial intelligence may be our biggest existential threat.q a€“ Elon Musk, inventor. qRobert Stanek is one of our most featured and respected Kids a Young Adults authors.q a€“ The Audio Book Store. qAnyone who enjoyed The Hunger Games, World War Z, or The Maze Runner is going to enjoy this.q a€“ Lisa Gardner, author. Cedes thought she knew what we were to the machines but she was wrong, and the ragged band of human survivors must now learn to stay alive in a city under siege. But ita€™s not just the machines they must contend witha€”ita€™s human against human and machines against all. As Cedes and Luke struggle to survive, new and surprising leaders emerge. Leaders who want to tear each other and the broken city apart to find the hidden secrets that will reveal the story of the human race. The story of us. Will this path lead to redemption, the destruction of everything they hold dear, or will it lead to mankinda€™s final days on Earth?a€œGone with Apple, a€ Dakota saysquietly. a€œOh.a€ Ishrug. a€œIdidna#39;t know. When willthey return?a€ a€œThey wona#39;t, a€ Dakota says, ashe shoulders his pack. a€œBest be going if we ... Beready just in case. ... Insteadshe leavesthe implication hanging inthe air as they each in turn nodand run off. ... You know what to do when the time comes.

Title:After the Machines. Episode Five: Refuge
Author:Robert Stanek
Publisher:Big Blue Sky Press - 2015-04-27


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