Alan Parsons' Art & Science of Sound Recording

Alan Parsons' Art & Science of Sound Recording

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(Technical Reference). More than simply the book of the award-winning DVD set, Art a Science of Sound Recording, the Book takes legendary engineer, producer, and artist Alan Parsons' approaches to sound recording to the next level. In book form, Parsons has the space to include more technical background information, more detailed diagrams, plus a complete set of course notes on each of the 24 topics, from qThe Brief History of Recordingq to the now-classic qDealing with Disasters.q Written with the DVD's coproducer, musician, and author Julian Colbeck, ASSR, the Book offers readers a classic qbig pictureq view of modern recording technology in conjunction with an almost encyclopedic list of specific techniques, processes, and equipment. For all its heft and authority authored by a man trained at London's famed Abbey Road studios in the 1970s ASSR, the Book is also written in plain English and is packed with priceless anecdotes from Alan Parsons' own career working with the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and countless others. Not just informative, but also highly entertaining and inspirational, ASSR, the Book is the perfect platform on which to build expertise in the art and science of sound recording.Hard compression on the overhead mics will most likely produce a swishing, pumping effect on the cymbals, which was a feature heard on many Beatles records. ... Acoustic guitar has a very wide dynamic range, especially on a part where single notes are combined with strumming. It may be necessary to rein this in a bit by manual fader control, ifyou dona#39;t want the louder sounds to dominate your track.

Title:Alan Parsons' Art & Science of Sound Recording
Author:Julian Colbeck, Alan Parsons
Publisher:Hal Leonard Corporation - 2014-09-01


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