Alkaline Foods Cookbook

Alkaline Foods Cookbook

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I was like most people when finding out about alkalinity, I wanted to know, what could I eat and how do I prepare and cook it? Being a Chef and herbalist for over 25 years, made it a lot easier for me than most to prepare, alter and come up with new cooking ideas. Some are under the impression that once you cook something that's alkaline you can destroy its alkalinity. This is far from the truth. For an example, tomatoes contain lycopene, a form of antioxidant. Raw tomatoes have a total antioxidant potential of about 80, but if you cook the tomatoes the antioxidant potential increases six-fold. This is because the raw tomato has been transformed to trans-lycopene in the cooked version do to the heat infusion, and trans-lycopene is much more readily absorbed by the body. This is the same with most foods. Finally a book that gives you the alkaline food list and how to prepare and cook them, so you can n:main healthy, energized, and vitalized. Peace and Blessings. Slay Alkaline! Keith Exum, CEO Alkaline Foods LLCCheck your local kitchen store, or * HIGH SPEED ELECTRIC JUICER: Manual juicers are good for travel and for small amount of fruit juice, but are very time consuming. The Champion Juicer is my recommended model.

Title:Alkaline Foods Cookbook
Author:Keith Exum
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-03-28


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