All Day Long

All Day Long

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The average person spends 100, 000 hours of their life at work, but how much do we really know about what we do with it? What is it really like to work in advertising, to be a train driver, a sex worker or an orthodox rabbi? What do we do in our working hours, and how does that colour our life, beliefs and happiness? And what happens to how we feel about work in a recession? In All Day Long Joanna Biggs finds the answers to these questions and more, by talking to the interns and bosses, professionals and entrepreneurs, and thinkers and doers who make up the workforce. Her journey takes us from Parliament to the long grassed fields of the Outer Hebrides, from a hospital in Wales to the wings of the Royal Opera House, introducing us to the different worlds of work and the people who inhabit them. Full of human detail and street level observation, Joanna Biggs' writing combines genuine empathy with social, cultural and political awareness. Like Studs Terkel's classic book Working did several decades ago in America, her book paints a portrait of the UK right now, showing us who we are through what we do.Britax made the car seat in which the new prince made his first journey, clunked gently into the back seat with a a#39;Phew!a#39; from his dad: a#39;We are delighted to confirm that [the car seat] is from the BRITAX BABYSAFE infant carrier range a€“ aanbsp;...

Title:All Day Long
Author:Joanna Biggs
Publisher:Serpent's Tail - 2015-04-09


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