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WARNING: CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE AND THEMES WHICH SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND DISTURBING a OFFENSIVE qThe author has an amazing way with wordsq - Basingstoke GazetteqqDisturbing stuff, but frighteningly plausible - I think I was most worried by how similar Emmanuel's consumption of the media was to mine. Compelling, and a little uncanny how well Basingstoke made itself as the backdrop to the tale. - Pat Sissons, former DJ at Basingstoke's Kestrel FM DescriptionAmazingstoke is the tragic tale of someone that is determined to be remembered irrespective of the consequences. It is far more than a tale of downwardly spiralling immorality, decadence, crime and drugs. Some novels take this as the beginning and purpose (if there is one) to retrieve the main character from the abyss to then go on to be President of the USA, etc. This is far more poignant, and therefore more relevant to today's society (as was illustrated dramatically in the news of a man that walked into a police station in Newcastle announcing that he had just executed four members of his family and also the Virginia Tech incident). This story takes the concept of manic depression, failure to conform to the recognised norms of society, anger management and vastly excessive quantities of alcohol and drugs to the extreme. The extreme being not a place of isolation inhabited by Emmanuel Cain, but by hundreds, possibly thousands of otherwise ordinary citizens in every city in this country. - John George, author of AARGH!! About the AuthorSamuel shares his birthday with hero, icon and idol Arnold Schwarzenegger, the individual whom the book hinges around. Samuel's obsession with 1980s culture, music and movies creates a fascination for everything violent, bloody and extreme. His outer persona is largely one of control but his inner soul is revealed in this dark humoured work of depression and bipolar disorder. Like many of us manic depressives he struggles daily between reality and fiction and this book is a true expression of life thusly blurred.The lens would auto-focus on a point in front of the gun; I could then look at the screen and fire, like on a computer game. The screen is small and sits low enough to avoid being hit by ejected cartridges. But how do I fix my camera securely toanbsp;...

Author:Samuel Robertspeglerpegler
Publisher:Chipmunkapublishing ltd - 2011-06-01


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