American Silhouettes

American Silhouettes

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This is Volume I of two volumes. a€œAmerican Silhouettesa€ is primarily a study in human character in its dealing with the adversity of life. The setting is America during the last quarter of the twentieth century. More specifically it focuses on the struggle of two generations of a small African American family whose destiny encounters more than its share of horrific tribulations. It is a window on life, love, happiness, suffering, and death of the members of this small vulnerable resilient family from the South, that moves to Washington, D.C. for a better life, only to find a very short interlude of happiness, followed by a deep plunge into another cycle of trauma and despair; not death though, that would be too easy; and when death finally does come, it is a liberation of the body and soul. The saga continues with the cycle of misfortune repeating itself in a new age, a new generation with the same finality as if their destiny had been wickedly predefined. From Bridgeville SC to Washington DC, and from Rome to Dakar, their saga brings to light the evil and virtuousness of man in its most natural occurrence, as a part of daily life. The story brings together various individuals of different and sometimes opposite background and describes either the passions of their encounters or the clashes resulting from their conflicts. It analyses the most wonderful passions of love, beauty and happiness, and juxtaposes the horrible ugliness of hate and abuse. It incorporates the duty and responsibility of man within the context of our society and dwells into the aberrations of its marginal sector. It is an interweaved matrix of emotional extremes. It demonstrates that evil has no color, no race, no religion, and that it transcends the social fabric of our society.manual Singer sewing machine with its foot-driven pedal sat in the far corner behind the front door. An ornate wrought iron light fixture fitted with three naked bulbs hung from the ceiling. To the left stood a 1950 vintage, Formica dining roomanbsp;...

Title:American Silhouettes
Author:Christian Beres Calmejane
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-04-21


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