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The reign of the Gods of Anaimon is sundered abruptly, when Propagator is, ruler of Anaimon's divine pantheon, casts himself into the twin suns of the world, obliterating him from existence and triggering a cataclysm that tears apart the Gods' star-lit ethereal home. Their divine forms broken and ruined during the sudden, violent descent, the Gods fall and smash into the great cities of Cpharan and Cphesus, killing thousands, almost destroying with them their most beloved priestess, Burning Flower.Amidst the desolation and chaos, the Gods utter a final pulse of communication, telling Burning Flower with their dying breath that Anaimon is but one world, and that other cycles of Anaimon exist beyond even the Gods' reckoning. If Burning Flower can find the three sigils that lead the way through these worlds to 'Horizon', she may be able to restore Anaimon and the Gods, and undo the great calamity that has occurred.Burning Flower is not alone in her search for the sigils, as a bestial enemy breaks free of their borders and begin to march across Anaimon; ravenous nightmares and misshapen hordes come to destroy all that Burning Flower and the Orders have fought for. Amidst such turmoil, the human enemies of the Order find new resolve; the nomadic, scattered tribes of the Iera who have been persecuted for their animistic beliefs and customs; the Aletheians, apostate criminals, smugglers, and exiles who value free will and their 'ultimate truth' above all else; and the Syndicals, rebellious heretics who have devolved into a broken people concerned only with survival in the bleak, barren emptiness of the world.These factions and forces surge and swell even as the Orders slowly fray and tear themselves apart in the wake of the Gods' death. Pursued relentlessly by friend and foe across their slowly dying world, Burning Flower and those survivors willing to restore Anaimon must journey across the lands in search of the sigils, to find their way to 'Horizon', and the enigmatic power that lay beyond. About the AuthorTimothy Nancarrow, Author of Anaimon: The Starfall, q has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) from the University of Newcastle majoring in Classics and History, and lives in Newcastle, Australia with his wife and children. He is a loving and dedicated husband and father, and is an avid fan of literature, weightlifting, meditation, music and film.Australian born, with German and Scottish background, his passionate studies of ancient cultures has been focused upon history, warfare, religion and myth-cycles of the Celts, the Germanic tribes, Classical Greece and Rome, the Viking era, and esoteric folklore from around the world.

Author:Timothy Nancarrow
Publisher: - 2014


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