Animals in Translation

Animals in Translation

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A groundbreaking work, Animals in Translation has been unanimously praised by critics and was a bestseller in both hardcover and paperback. Now, it joins the Scribner Classics library, destined to influence American culture for years to come. Temple Grandina€™s professional training as an animal scientist and her history as a person with autism have given her a perspective like that of no other expert in the field. Grandin and coauthor Catherine Johnson present their powerful theory that autistic people can often think the way animals thinka€”putting autistic people in the perfect position to translate a€œanimal talk.a€ Exploring animal pain, fear, aggression, love, friendship, communication, learning, and, even animal genius, Grandin is a faithful guide into their world. Animals in Translation reveals that animals are much smarter than anyone ever imagined, and Grandin, standing at the intersection of autism and animals, offers unparalleled observations and extraordinary ideas about both.Even worse, an auditor working with a long, overly complicated checklist can miss the huge problems completely, even though ... For instance, Ia#39;ve been working with KFCa€”Kentucky Fried Chickena€”to raise standards for animal welfare in theanbsp;...

Title:Animals in Translation
Author:Temple Grandin, Catherine Johnson
Publisher:SUNY Press - 2009-08-11


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