Another Day of Infamy

Another Day of Infamy

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The Cobel and Daniels families weren't anything special. Car dealer, Mitch Daniels and his interior decorator wife, Sue were having marital problems. Then it happened.A North Jersey widowed Caroline Cobel worked in a beauty salon. She and her daughter always turned to Matt when they had problems they couldn't figure out for themselves. Then it happened.At fifteen and a half, all Bari Lynn Cobel cared about was her volley ball matches, upcoming Sweet 15 party, becoming head cheerleader, listening to her *NSYNC cds. and talking abut boys with her best friend, Nicole.Bari Lynn's grades were just good enough for her to stay in cheerleading squad. Beyond high school, she didn't know what she wanted to do with her life. Then it happened.This is not just another story about the World Trade Center 9/11 crisis. Join the Cobels and Daniels as they realize a resiliency that they never knew they had. Matt in particular, comes face-to-face with his new disabilities and strengths. Another Day of Infamy is a must read for all.Then I want you to call our phone number on your cellphone.a€ a€œWhat for?a€ a€œWhen Matt worked at the World Trade Center he was in Verizona#39;s customer care department.a€ Matt and Nicole looked at Caroline as though she had green hair.

Title:Another Day of Infamy
Author:Diane Saks
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-04


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