ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is in You”

ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is in You”

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Charlie Liebert was converted to Christ at age thirty-five from hardcore atheism. Because he understands how atheists think, he effectively spreads the gospel through dialogue with unbelievers. Seeing many fellow Christians paralyzed by fear of not being able to answer their questions, he developed here direct, simple, Bible-based answers to those hard questions. In his first book, Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! he proposed a strategy to get to the gospel before answering those hard questions. Now ita€™s time to answer them! The four most common questions are: 1) Where did Cain get his wife? 2) What happens to a native in the jungle who never heard the gospel? Does he go to hell? 3) Why do bad things happen to good people? and 4) Materialistsa€™ statements like: a€œI only believe in what I can see.a€ a€œFaith is for fools!a€ a€œEverything is relative, there are no absolutes!a€ These four questions are each answered in depth to give you firm confidence in your personal evangelism. Over one hundred more questions are answered simply and directly. The conflict between the Biblea€™s Creation account and the Evolution taught in our schools is analyzed to increase your confidence. Your faith will be bolstered by these answers and the analysis of origins. You will be empowered in your witnessing and gain great confidence in your faith. Yes, there are answers to those a€œharda€ questions! Become a fearless evangelist with real answers for a€œthe hope that is in you!a€Direct, Simple Christian Answers to the Worlda#39;s a€œHarda€ Questions Charlie Liebert ... Christians cana#39;t answer it. In the late 1990s, I did a radio callin program to answer Bible questions on a secular station in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Title:ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is in You”
Author:Charlie Liebert
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2015-06-23


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