Applications of Time Delay Systems

Applications of Time Delay Systems

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Delays are very important for the modeling of networks, occuring both in the control of networks and in the control over networks. The main objective is to develop feedback control strategies for minimizing the overall task completion time in the presence of delays. Such applications include load balancing, tele- eration, and congestion control. As a result, research on time-delay systems and theircontrolhasbeenveryactiveinthelastdecade. Thisinteresthasledtomany sessions in control conferences (ACC, CDC, IFAC), workshops, special issues in controlandsystems journals, books and edited books, all being devoted to ti- delay systems. Nowadays, a lot of material is available. The properties of d- ferential time-delay systems, including stability, robust stability, controllability, and observability have been thoroughly examined. Many di?erent methods for the design of controllers in the presence of time-delays have also been developed to meet various kinds of speci?cations such as tracking, disturbance rejection, H /H -optimization, and robust stabilization. These approaches were formu- ? 2 lated for various classes of time-delay systems, including linear time-invariant systems, nonlinear systems, retarded and neutral type systems, localized and distributed delay systems, and systems with input/state saturation. It is fair to say that the applications of these methods are not as developed as are the th- retical foundations. Numerical tools are still under development (e. g. there is no matlab toolbox devoted to time-delay systems), and the adaptation of models and methods to speci?c applications is now an active area of research.1 Introduction The networked control systems (NCS) constitute a particular class of control problems, where the ... This network is used by multiple systems and a packet management law (router, switch, priority level . ... A Transfer Protocol (TP) is implemented to allow users to send and receive data over the network. ... 17a€“ 35, 2007. c Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007 Fig. 1.

Title:Applications of Time Delay Systems
Author:John Chiasson, Jean Jacques Loiseau
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2007-02-08


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