Applied Ethics and Social Problems

Applied Ethics and Social Problems

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Designed to address practical questions, applied ethics is one of the most exciting areas in contemporary philosophy. Yet the relevance of ethical theories to social policy has been under-explored. Until now. In qApplied ethics and social problemsq Tony Fitzpatrick presents introductions to the three most influential moral philosophies: Consequentialism, Kantianism and Virtue Ethics. He then relates these to some of the most urgent questions in contemporary public debates about the future of welfare services. These include taxing unhealthy habits, drug legalisation, parental choice in education, abortion, euthanasia and migration a cultural diversity.In each case he asks a perennial question: what are the legitimate boundaries of state action and individual liberty?Never before has there been such a rigorous overview of the topic offered to social policy students, academics and professionals, as well as those interested in public policy, politics and social science. A user-friendly intervention into these key debates qApplied ethics and social problemsq will set the agenda for years to come.Nissan, D. (2001) a#39;Use inheritance tax to give a fair chance to alla#39;, New Statesman , 26 February. Noddings, N. (2002) Starting at Home, Los Angeles and Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. Noden, P. (2001) a#39;School choice ... Nussbaum, M. (2006) Frontiers of Justice, Cambridge, MA: Balknap Press. 251 References.

Title:Applied Ethics and Social Problems
Author:Tony Fitzpatrick
Publisher:Policy Press - 2008


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