At Hawthorn Time

At Hawthorn Time

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It is dawn on a May morning. On a long straight Roman road between two sleeping fields a car slows as it arrives at the scene of an accident. Howard and Kitty have been married for thirty years and now sleep in different rooms. They do not discuss it. It was always Kitty's dream to move from their gobby corner of north London into the countryside, and when the kids were gone they moved to Lodeshill. Howard often wonders if anyone who lives in this invisible village has a reason to be there. Jack was once a rural rebel, a protestor who only ever wanted the freedom to walk alone in his own country. Having finished another stint in prison for trespassing, he sets off once more, walking north with his old battered backpack. Jamie is a nineteen-year-old Lodeshill boy who works in distribution centre and has a Saturday job at the bakery. He spent his childhood exploring the land with his granddad and playing with Alex who lived in the farmhouse next-door. As the lives of these people coalesce we realize that mysterious layers of history are not only buried within them, but also locked into the landscape. A captivating novel of immense clarity, At Hawthorn Time is about identity, consumerism, changing boundaries and our own long, straight path into the unknown.Ford Focus and tinkered with it with a boyish obsession everyone said hea#39;d grow out of. ... There was no use in saving up; it wasna#39;t as though hea#39;d ever be able to afford his own place or anything a€“ not that there was any ... He could see now that hea#39;d come at it all wrong, of course, sending away for a cheap body kit that turned out to be all but useless bar the sills and bumpers, and spending too much anbsp;...

Title:At Hawthorn Time
Author:Melissa Harrison
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing - 2015-04-23


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