Attack on Pearl Harbor

Attack on Pearl Harbor

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A’Nothing previously published has offered such a close examination of Japanese strategy . . . an in-depth study of the Japanese planning, preparation and execution of the attack with particular focus on factors not thoroughly considered by other historians, if at all . . . detailed analyses that lead to a much better understanding of what the Japanese did, why they did it, and especially how the attack was very nearly an abject failure instead of a stunning success.qA‘Naval Institute Proceedings qFor seven decades, conventional wisdom has extolled the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as brilliant in its planning and execution . . . this masterful analysis topples that pillar of Pacific War history . . . with its amazing depth of meticulous research and analysis, this forceful book is essential reading for anyone with a serious interest in Pearl Harbor.qA‘World War II qThe first militarily professional description of the Pearl Harbor attack, and for those who are serious about military history and operations, it is a joy to read. . . . a superb military analysis of the attack . . . not only renders all other histories of Pearl Harbor obsolete, it has set the bar high for other histories of the Pacific War.qA‘War In HistoryPosition 4 had taken two hits, but it was difficult to say if the hits were on the repair ship or the battleship. ... eyes gazed over the harbor, he saw five poppy seeds arc down from high in the sky and fall around the number-two position battleship.

Title:Attack on Pearl Harbor
Author:Alan D. Zimm
Publisher:Casemate - 2013-10-19


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