Basic Genetics

Basic Genetics

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1/4 rr The same answer a€” 9/16 red, 6/16 brown, 1/16 white a€” can be obtained from a 4 x 4 Punnett square. 18. ... A 9:7 F2 ratio, as in the case of colored- versus white- flowered sweet peas from dihybrid FiS, is the expected result if at least ... The corresponding ratio of the two phenotypic classes expected from the testcross AaBb x aabb is 1:3. ... A single pair of alleles is involved; black and 476 ANSWERS.

Title:Basic Genetics
Author:Daniel L. Hartl, David Freifelder, Leon A. Snyder
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Publishers - 1988-01


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