Basic Mechanical Engineering

Basic Mechanical Engineering

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Fundamental Concepts and Definitions :Thermodynamic system, Surrounding and boundary, Thermodynamic properties, Processes and cycles. Energy, Power, Work a Heat, Zeroth law of thermodynamics, Temperature and temperature scale. Macro and microscopic approach.Law of Thermodynamics: Principle of conservation of mass and energy, Continuity equation, First law of thermodynamics, Joules experiment, Application of first law to flow and non flow processes, Energy equation to nozzles, turbines and pumps.Power Producing Devices : Boilers a Steam turbines, Reciprocating I.C. engines, Gas turbines, Hydraulic turbines, Compressed air motor. (Theoretical study using schematic diagrams only).Power Absorbing Devices: Reciprocating pumps and compressors, `Centrifugal pumps, rotary compressors, blowers. Study of household refrigerators and window air conditioners using schematic diagrams (elementary treatment only).Conventional and Non-Conventional Energy Sources : Thermal, Geothermal, Hydraulic, Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Tidal wave, Biogas, Ocean thermal energy, biomass, fuel cells (Schematic of plant lay out).Heat Transfer: Basic modes of heat transfer: Conduction, Convection a radiation.Statement a Explanation of Fourier s law of heat conduction, Newton s law of cooling, Stefan-Boltzman s law of radiation.Emissivity and its value for practical interpretation. Conducting and insulating materials and their properties, Use and types of extended surfaces like fins (Descriptive treatments only). Description and type of heat exchangers.Metal Cutting Processes : Lathe, drilling, grinding and power saw machines, Lathe Machine: Center Lathe (Basic elements, working principal a types of operations) Drilling Machine: Study of pillar drilling machine (operation only).NC CNC m/c Introduction to Metal Joining Processes: Welding, Soldering, Brazing methods and applicationsSheet Metal Working : Sheet metal forming processes drawing a bending, Sheet metal cutting processes, Blanking, Piercing and Notching Tolerance, Limits, Fits.Design Considerations : Need of design, Stress, Strain, Modes of failure, Factor of safety, Material aesthetic and ergonomic considerations.Drives : Individual and group drives, Belt drive, Rope drive, Chain drive, Gear drive and friction clutches a brakes (Types a applications only)Machine Elements: Power transmission shafts, Axles, Keys, Coupling, Bush and ball bearings, flywheel a governor, (Types a applications only).Fundamental Concepts and Definitions :Thermodynamic system, Surrounding and boundary, Thermodynamic properties, Processes and cycles.

Title:Basic Mechanical Engineering
Author:A.A.Karad K.B.Kale V.N.Phadukule
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2006-01-01


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