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BASIC Stamp introduces microcontroller theory using the Parallax BASIC Stamp I and II. The BASIC Stamp microcontroller is based on Microchip's PIC hardware with some modifications, and is very approachable for beginning users. The book covers both the hardware and software ends of the chip's operation. Once the basic theory is established, the majority of BASIC Stamp walks you through applications suitable for designers as well as the home hobbyist. These applications can be used as is, or as a basis for further modifications to suit your needs. Introduction to PIC microcontroller operation. Applications for designers and hobbyists. Integrated hardware and software coverage.... 275-77 Program BSLOAD, 52 Program initialization, defined, 9 Program installation, defined, 9 Program STMPSIZE, 51 Programmable switch with HC2001 ... clock/counter (RTCC), 20 Remote alarm message via modem, 153-58 Reserved word list, 267-69 Reset circuit defined, 8 external power-on, ... Input window, 141, 143 Timer clock, generating, 188 Timing diagram, 240, 261 TOGGLE, 84, Index 283.

Title:BASIC Stamp
Author:Claus Kühnel
Publisher:Butterworth-Heinemann - 1997-01-01


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