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Imagine jacking it all in, packing your life into a 41-litre pannier and riding into the sunset.Bearback is the story of two GPs who did just that, downing stethoscopes to take off on a motorcycle to see the world. For anyone who has considered escaping the rat race, even for a second, ita€™s an inspiring read.Across the deserts of Africa, over the mountains of the Andes, deep into the jungles of Indochina, and beyond the Arctic Circle; 100, 000 miles unsupported through six continents and 64 countries. A circumnavigation of epic proportion it was to become one of the longest journeys ever undertaken by a couple on one motorcycle, a journey destined to change their lives forever. Undoubtedly a story of high adventure, determined resourcefulness and personal discovery, it is also a tale of freedom and love.Capturing not only the beauty and diversity, but also the spirit of our fast-changing world, with its outstanding photos and inquiring prose, Bearback has the uncanny ability to take you therea€bdirt, dust, flies and all.No spark. a€œZee ignition coil, a€ he muttered. Off with the tank. Sure enough. I had the old type of coil. It was cracked, had ... the cobble streets became increasingly packed with human traffic through which we nudged the motorcycles, a foot at aanbsp;...

Author:Pat Garrod
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2010-11-09


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