Beauty and Sensibility in the Thought of Jonathan Edwards

Beauty and Sensibility in the Thought of Jonathan Edwards

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This illuminating analysis of Jonathan Edwards' philosophical-theological-ethical program focuses on his concept of beauty as our central clue to the nature of reality and the life of God. Delattre shows that beauty not only provides Edwards with a model for the manner of divine governance but operates throughout his thought as both the goal and means of redemption. Essential to his understanding of the operation of beauty as the law of moral order is Edwards' aesthetic/affectional model of the self, which corresponds to his aesthetic articulation of the system of being and good. Thus the distinguishing mark of Edwards' theology--his elevation to centrality of both the primary beauty of being's cordial consent to being and the secondary beauty of harmony and proportion--is shown to be the key to his interpretation of the dynamics of the moral and spiritual life.An Essay in Aesthetics and Theological Ethics Roland Delattre. Chapter 5 as the ... Beauty can be defined, even if only inadequately and for limited purposes, and Edwards was frequently at pains to define it. ... [Grace 56]. We may profitably follow his example and, by attending to how he uses 16 A Preliminary Definition.

Title:Beauty and Sensibility in the Thought of Jonathan Edwards
Author:Roland Delattre
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2006-04-01


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