Beginning XML

Beginning XML

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When the first edition of this book was written, XML was a relatively new language but already gaining ground fast and becoming more and more widely used in a vast range of applications. By the time of the second edition, XML had already proven itself to be more than a passing fad, and was in fact being used throughout the industry for an incredibly wide range of uses. With the third edition, it was clear that XML was a mature technology, but more important, it became evident that the XML landscape was dividing into several areas of expertise. Now in this edition, we needed to categorize the increasing number of specifications surrounding XML, which either use XML or provide functionality in addition to the XML core specification. So what is XML? It's a markup language, used to describe the structure of data in meaningful ways. Anywhere that data is input/output, stored, or transmitted from one place to another, is a potential fit for XML's capabilities. Perhaps the most well-known applications are web-related (especially with the latest developments in handheld web accessa€”for which some of the technology is XML-based). However, there are many other non-web-based applications for which XML is usefula€”for example, as a replacement for (or to complement) traditional databases, or for the transfer of financial information between businesses. News organizations, along with individuals, have also been using XML to distribute syndicated news stories and blog entries. This book aims to teach you all you need to know about XMLa€”what it is, how it works, what technologies surround it, and how it can best be used in a variety of situations, from simple data transfer to using XML in your web pages. It answers the fundamental questions: * What is XML? * How do you use XML? * How does it work? * What can you use it for, anyway?alt;group ref=a€target:NameGroupa€ doc:comments=a€The NameGroup is a global group defined in this XML Schema. ... alt;documentation source=a€name.htmla€/agt; alt;/ annotationagt; alt;/elementagt; alt;/schemaagt; This example XML Schema contains two ... The alt;documentationagt; declaration within our first annotation contains an HTML fragment that could be used when generating a usera#39;s manual for our XML Schema.

Title:Beginning XML
Author:David Hunter, Jeff Rafter, Joe Fawcett, Eric van der Vlist, Danny Ayers, Jon Duckett, Andrew Watt, Linda McKinnon
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2011-08-15


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