Behind Our Eyes

Behind Our Eyes

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qI'm always impressed by pioneering efforts. This anthology represents a noteworthy beginning for this group of writers. From the triumphs over adversity dramatized in the first section, to the heartwarming and heartbreaking stories and poems of the final grouping, they show us sensitivity and inspire strength. They show us disability as it is lived honestly. Fables, fantasies, and tips about writing add something new, making this publication a unique contribution to disability literature.q-Erik Weihenmayer, author of qTouch the Top of the Worldq and qThe Adversity Advantageq Disabled people, in most ways, are just like everyone else. So it should come as no surprise that the stories, essays, and poems in qBehind Our Eyesq deal with situations and emotions that confront all of us: family and marriage, love and heartbreak, discord, appreciation of nature, and the desire to engage in the world more fully. In this uplifting collection, we read about the dedication of a guide dog who protects a blind woman and her young children from a burglar until police arrive; the inner struggle for a stroke victim whose world is rearranged overnight; the challenges faced by disabled children, spouses, and seniors when their families see their limitations instead of their abilities; the difficulty faced by a blind man coping with a team of insensitive doctors and nurses who seem to keep forgetting he can't see; and much more. A real and candid portrait of life with disability as well as an entertaining foray into the minds and hearts of a beautifully diverse group of people, qBehind Our Eyesq urges and inspires us to meet even our loftiest goals, embrace our individual vulnerabilities, and let our own imaginations soar.Ruffling his beard and scratching his head Santa sighed, a€œIta#39;s the darn commercial coffee pot we bought on eBay, isna#39;t it? ... They walked into the kitchen and gave the commercial maker a glance. ... a€œI cana#39;t get any power, a€ Mr. Coffee complained. a€œWithout electric juice, I cana#39;t make wake-up juice, get it?a€ a€œThis is incredible, a€ Mrs. Santa pondered as she opened drawers and cabinets looking for the manualanbsp;...

Title:Behind Our Eyes
Author:Executive Director Sanford Rosenthal
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-12


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