Being Lucky Can Be the Death of You

Being Lucky Can Be the Death of You

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This is a story about William Murdock. The time frame spans a thirty year period that starts in the mid forties and ends in the mid seventies. It takes Murdock from his childhood to adulthood and chronicles the adventures he encounters. His adventure starts with the accidental killing of an elderly man on the island of Jamaica. With no passport he leaves the island by boat and is stopped by a Cuban gun boat. He is arrested as a spy and sentenced to ten years on a work farm. He meets Joseph Cruse, a rich cattle baron who befriends him. Cruse takes Murdock to Columbia to help uncover a plot that is trying to discredit him and steal his fortune. They get involved with modern day cattle rustlers and a mercinary army. An all out war ensues so they can protect what they have which includes their lives. This is an action packed novel that will hold your interest to the very end.Betty started with her list. a€œI need two Walther PPKs and a shoulder, thigh and hip holster, a Swiss Army throwing knife, a Remington twelve Gauge pump with a eighteen inch barrel.a€ a€œWhat no shoulder held rocket launcher?a€ Cindy said.

Title:Being Lucky Can Be the Death of You
Author:Bill Taylor
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-03-01


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