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For those wanting to shake and shimmy their way to a firmer body, this comprehensive guide to belly dancing offers instructions on how to make the most of the hot belly-dancing-as-fitness trend. In addition to guiding the dancer to a trimmer waist, this how-to book helps put women in touch with their sensuality through the alluring moves of this ancient dance. Specific guidelines for pregnant women who wish to stay strong throughout the nine months and regain their prebaby belly are included. The history and culture of the art is also explored with a celebration of the pulsating music and shimmering costumes that make belly dancing a joy to watch. In Cairo there is a saying: qEvery girl is born a dancer.q With this guide, all women can be divas of the dance.Beautifully packaged and highly practical guide to the exotic, expressive, alluring art of bellydancing; its history, its culture and the many health benefits it can bring.

Author:Keti Sharif
Publisher:Allen & Unwin - 2004


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