Bhrigu Sutras

Bhrigu Sutras

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The original book BHRIGU SUTRAS, which I am translating has no introduction whatsoever and hence, I am unable to say anything about the author thereof. It gives valuable hints and aids, in delineating the character a fortunes of a native , in various walks of life. What is popularly known as Bhava Phala (effects of the 12 houses) in standard texts, is dealt with a direct touch, and with particular reference, to the planets stationed in various houses, the aspects they receive and the fact, that a planet is in exaltation, own or enemy house. Even a cursory perusal of the book, would convince even a professional astrologer, that this book can enable astrologers, to predict the future of a native, and form an opinion about planetary dispositions in a horoscope, with a fair amount of ease.We are also of the view that the disposition of the lord of the fourth should also be taken into account in reaching final conclusions. Fifth House Sutras 34-45 ... and other such diseases. If he is associated with the lord of the 8th house, he will be sinful but ... While in Aries or Scorpio, Mars will aspect the 11th house (house ofanbsp;...

Title:Bhrigu Sutras
Author:Dr S.P Bhagat
Publisher:Shubh Parkash Singh -


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