Bill Wiggin

Bill Wiggin

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This report concerns the investigation into a complaint that for much of the period 2004-2006 Bill Wiggin, the Member for North Hertfordshire, made fixed monthly claims against his Parliamentary second homes allowance which were not justified. The Commissioner for Parliamentary Standards identified the principal issue as being whether Mr Wiggin acted within the rules in claiming routinely Ap240.00 a month from his Additional Costs Allowance. That amount was just Ap10.00 below the limit established at the time for claims not backed by invoices or receipts. There was therefore little evidence of the costs Mr Wiggin actually incurred. It was found that Mr Wiggin over-claimed on his second home council tax bill for 2005-06 by7 Ap716, of which he was paid Ap285 because his overall claims for that year had reached the maximum allowed. The designation of Mr Wiggin's London home as his main home was also considered. The Committee on Standards and Privileges, in conclusion, recommended that Mr Wiggin apologise for wrongly designating his main home from 2004-2007 and that he repay the Ap285 he over-claimed in respect of council tax in 2005-06. They also recommended that Mr Wiggin apologise for claiming from Parliamentary allowances costs that they concluded he did not actually incur and that he repay Ap4, 009 representing half the sum he was paid in respect of telephone and communication costs and service and maintenance costs for his second home in financial years 2004-05 and 2005-06understanding was that the Department had no record of any council tax invoice or statement for the two financial ... 1 noted that, with the exception of April 2004, Mr Wiggina#39;s ACA forms from January 2004 to January 2007 had stated that his ... of their utilities without producing receipts, provided that they had spent this amount or more on the relevant service that month. He confirmed my assumption that it would have been open to Mr Wiggin to claim in excess of Ap250 for his telephoneanbsp;...

Title:Bill Wiggin
Author:Great Britain Parliament House of Commons Committee on Standards and Privileges
Publisher:The Stationery Office - 2010-10-14


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