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Highlights the Emergence of Image Processing in Food and Agriculture In addition to uses specifically related to health and other industries, biological imaging is now being used for a variety of applications in food and agriculture. Bio-Imaging: Principles, Techniques, and Applications fully details and outlines the processes of bio-imaging applicable to food and agriculture, and connects other bio-industries, as well as relevant topics. Due to the noncontact and nondestructive nature of the technology, biological imaging uses unaltered samples, and allows for internal quality evaluation and the detection of defects. Compared to conventional methods, biological imaging produces results that are more consistent and reliable, and can ensure quality monitoring for a variety of practices used in food and agriculture industries as well as many other biological industries. The book highlights every imaging technique available along with their components, image acquisition procedures, advantages, and comparisons to other approaches. Describes essential components of imaging technique in great detail Incorporates case studies in appropriate chapters Contains a wide range of applications from a number of biological fields Bio-Imaging: Principles, Techniques, and Applications focuses on the imaging techniques for biological materials and the application of biological imaging. This technology, which is quickly becoming a standard practice in agriculture and food-related industries, can aid in enhanced process efficiency, quality assurance, and food safety management overall.(2010) evaluated the potential of a digital imaging technique to monitor defects, such as bruises, insect bites, and rots at the stem end and calyx. ... Images were acquired using a CCD camera (Sony, SSC-DC58AP) and eight images of each apple, which was oriented vertically and rotated, were ... The color grading by imaging resulted in 88.8% accuracy when compared with manual grading by color.

Author:Rajagopal Vadivambal, Digvir S. Jayas
Publisher:CRC Press - 2015-08-18


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