Bio-Inspired Applications of Connectionism

Bio-Inspired Applications of Connectionism

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Underlying most of the IWANN calls for papers is the aim to reassume some of the motivations of the groundwork stages of biocybernetics and the later bionics formulations and to try to reconsider the present value of two basic questions. The?rstoneis:a€œWhatdoesneurosciencebringintocomputation(thenew bionics)?a€ That is to say, how can we seek inspiration in biology? Titles such as a€œcomputational intelligencea€, a€œarti?cial neural netsa€, a€œgenetic algorithmsa€, a€œevolutionary hardwarea€, a€œevolutive architecturesa€, a€œembryonicsa€, a€œsensory n- romorphic systemsa€, and a€œemotional roboticsa€ are representatives of the present interest in a€œbiological electronicsa€ (bionics). Thesecondquestionis:a€œWhatcanreturncomputationtoneuroscience(the new neurocybernetics)?a€ That is to say, how can mathematics, electronics, c- puter science, and arti?cial intelligence help the neurobiologists to improve their experimental data modeling and to move a step forward towards the understa- ing of the nervous system? Relevant here are the general philosophy of the IWANN conferences, the sustained interdisciplinary approach, and the global strategy, again and again to bring together physiologists and computer experts to consider the common and pertinent questions and the shared methods to answer these questions.For example, in the case of neural networks, oversized networks learn more rapidly since they easily monitor local ... Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2001 c offer greater statistical power relative to sample size because the Repeatedanbsp;...

Title:Bio-Inspired Applications of Connectionism
Author:Jose Mira, Alberto Prieto
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2001-06-05


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