Biography Between Structure and Agency

Biography Between Structure and Agency

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While bookstore shelves around the world have never ceased to display best-selling qlife-and-lettersq biographies in prominent positions, the genre became less popular among academic historians during the Cold War decades. Their main concern then was with political and socioeconomic structures, institutions, and organizations, or-more recently-with the daily lives of ordinary people and small communities. The contributors to this volume-all well known senior historians-offer self-critical reflections on problems they encountered when writing biographies themselves. Some of them also deal with topics specific to Central Europe, such as the challenges of writing about the lives of both victims and perpetrators. Although the volume concentrates on European historiography, its strong methodological and conceptual focus will be of great interest to non-European historians wrestling with the old qstructure-versus-agencyq question in their own work. Contributors: Volker R. Berghahn, Hartmut Berghoff, Hilary Earl, Jan Eckel, Willem Frijhoff, Ian Kershaw, Simone Lassig, Karl Heinrich Pohl, John C. G. Rohl, Angelika Schaser, Joachim Radkau, Cornelia Rauh-Kuhne, Mark Roseman, Christoph Strupp and Michael Wildt.Such subjects posed no threatening questions; their atypical lives provided no disturbing model for the possible destinies of other ... The period since the 1980s has seen not only the appearance of basic collections of biographical essays and anbsp;...

Title:Biography Between Structure and Agency
Author:Volker Berghahn, Simone Lassig
Publisher:Berghahn Books - 2008-09-15


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