Black Women's Bodies and The Nation

Black Women's Bodies and The Nation

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Black Women's Bodies and the Nation develops a decolonial approach to representations of Black women's bodies within popular culture in the US, UK and the Caribbean and the racialization and affective load of muscle, bone, fat and skin through the trope of the subaltern figure of the Sable-Saffron Venus as an 'alter/native' (Truillot, 2003). Enslavement, colonialism and settlement in the metropole created the Black woman's body as both other/same and deeply affective whether read as fear, disgust, contempt or fascination. Her body draws attention to the negotiations through which the semblance of consensus on the citizen body is created at the same time as Black women's bodies as Sable-Saffron Venus alter/natives rupture the collective body formed through the (re)iteration, (re)interpretation and (re)presentation of the meanings of muscle, bone, fat and skin. This dismantling of body norms reveals other modes of being through disalienation's (CAcsaire, 2000) refusal of the racial epidermal schema (Fanon, 1967).As for a#39;Telephonea#39;, SableSaffron Venus alter/natives are carried in the lyrics and her use of the body as a signifier of ... Her celebrity has extended beyond music where she is both a singer and songwriter to film, entrepreneurship, being a hair model for La#39;Oreal, a cover girl, a wife and a mother. ... She has signed deals with Toblerone, Avon, Thomson Airways and Ford cars. In her Ford Focus commercial she performs her song a#39;For you I willa#39; for an imagined lover, the Ford Focus withanbsp;...

Title:Black Women's Bodies and The Nation
Author:Shirley Anne Tate
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2015-05-28


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