Blasphemy or Common Sense

Blasphemy or Common Sense

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Youa€™ve probably been taught to travel on the religious road all of these years. Now, why not venture down a common sense detour path for just a short time. When you have completed this book, if you still want to continue in your beliefs, thata€™s fine. All you did was read a book that hit your funny bone. But if some of this information has caused you to take a second look at your belief, then the book accomplished what it set out to do, free you from myth and caused you to believe in yourself.If you look hard enough into the question of believing in God, you will probably find easy answers to these questions. You will see that you have faith because your mom and dad told you to believe in God and their parents told them the sameanbsp;...

Title:Blasphemy or Common Sense
Author:T. Allen
Publisher:Fulton Books, Inc. - 2015-07-30


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