Blueprint - Sometimes the Future Is What You Make It

Blueprint - Sometimes the Future Is What You Make It

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Marvin Peters was an ordinary man who was content to live an ordinary life. All of that changed one night when without explanation he was led to a mysterious device that could project a video record, a type of electronic blueprint, of future events. What was Marvin expected to do with this knowledge? What were the limitations of its use? What would happen if he did change events? Could he use this device to see his own future? Could he expect help from whoever gave him it to him, or was he on his own? More importantly, was Marvin Peters seeing the future or just being manipulated to alter history? Sometimes the future is what you make it.Despite the renewed commitments that they had made, Marvin and Sheliaa#39;s schedules would make this kind of spontaneous rendezvous rare. So Marvin agreed to be Sheliaa#39;s escort for the gala. Going forward, they planned to meet on theanbsp;...

Title:Blueprint - Sometimes the Future Is What You Make It
Author:David K. Brown
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-08-01


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